South Florida

Welcome and Introductions
Presented by Shay Creech, Customer Development Manager, Information Builders

Information Builders Best of Summit 2017
Presented by Lee Donaldson, Senior Area Technical Specialist, Information Builders
This session will cover product highlights from Summit 2017. The session will include key migration considerations, release 8201M available features, and offerings on Cloud, Enterprise Usage Monitor, and Big Data Integrator.

Hidden Gems in App Studio
Presented by Walter Brengel, Technical Director, Information Builders
Join us in the continuing search to find those little tricks/techniques to make our reporting easier and better. This time we will be looking at things you can use directly in AppStudio. We will review some overlooked SET commands, show how to create a multi-verb request and discuss some of the newer functions that are available.

Customer Use Case
Presented by Jamil Odge, Food for the Poor

Making the Connections: JOIN, MATCH, MORE
Presented by Walter Brengel, Technical Director, Information Builders
The workhorse of WebFOCUS reporting (JOIN, MATCH, and MORE) is connecting multiple data sources allowing you to pull together the information you need for your requests. This presentation will review the capabilities that each of these methods provides, highlight the differences among them, and focus on the optimal uses of each.