Boston User Group UX & Design Thinking Workshop

Presented by Jeff Hendrickson, Services Director, UX & Visual Strategy, Informaiton Builders

Design Thinking is being used as a process for innovation in major companies around the world on a daily basis. Most don’t undertake any projects without it, and our customers are starting to understand why.

Major universities offer Master’s Degrees in UX & Design Thinking and hundreds of online courses can be found for anyone wishing to increase their knowledge and skills as designers, developers, engineers, etc.

So then, why has this become a recent phenomenon? It’s because it works.

Our tailored system of Design Thinking for WebFOCUS Applications gives you a holistic view of any project through a hands-on team approach that’s experiential, and focuses on the user’s pains and challenges in usability.

This user-centric model puts you in the driver’s seat as the professional who’ll give your users a huge win with applications that get much higher user adoption rates that in turn help propel the business towards goals and innovation initiatives.

When you’re trained in this exciting and highly effective new methodology of user research and application design, the methods we teach will allow you to uncover problems faster while partnering with your stakeholders and users in the strongest collaborative environment available to you today.