Information Builders Best of Summit 2017
Presented by Maria Stanley, Senior Systems Engineer, Information Builders
This session will cover product highlights from Summit 2017. The session will include key migration considerations, release 8201M available features, and offerings on Cloud and Big Data Integrator. We will also cover product highlights from our upcoming 8202 release.

Want a Siri or Alexa for Your BI? Voice-Based BI with WebFOCUS
Sayee Rajamany, VP Business Intelligence, InfoBuild India
While voice recognition software is widely adopted by smartphones and devices in the form of assistants (Siri, Alexa, Cortana, Google Assistant etc.), it has not even begun to reach its potential in the world of business intelligence (BI) and analytics. Until now! This presentation will showcase the latest voice-based applications being built with WebFOCUS, by infusing it with best-of-breed open-source, natural language processing platforms. Find out how you can implement voice-based BI in your organization for real-time operational intelligence with enterprises both large and small.

Custom BI Portal: Executive Dashboard
Presented by Elias Gorsky, Consultant, MasterCard Worldwide
Using the WebFOCUS Portal facility, a comprehensive dashboard was provided for MasterCard executives. The dashboard makes heavy use of graphs with drill-down functionality to other graphs, as well as summary and detail data. The personalized dashboard widgets can then be shared, preserving the personalized parameters. This presentation will include a discussion of the techniques used to achieve the dashboard and include a live demo.

WebFOCUS Enterprise Usage Monitor
Presented by Jim Cummings, Assistant Area Technical Manager, Information Builders
WebFOCUS Enterprise Usage Monitor (EUM) provides a real-time, 360-degree view of your WebFOCUS deployment, including the reporting server, database server, and mid-tier applications, as well as your users. This presentation will highlight the technologies that optimize system performance and ensures rapid, secure, wide-scale distribution of enterprise information.