Welcome, Summit 2016 - June 13-17 in Reno, NV and Technical Support Update
Presented by Robert Taraborelli, Account Executive, Information Builders

The Advantages of In-Document Analytics: WebFOCUS Active Technologies,
Presented by Lynda Brunelle, Technical Manager, IB See how In-Document Analytics can help you effectively deliver portable analytics to anyone that needs it through WebFOCUS Active Technologies. In-Document analytics encompasses the ability to easily and accurately analyze information on the go with no network connection required. We'll show you how to leverage this technology!

WebFOCUS Tuning and Optimization,
Presented by Ernesto Scarpato, Systems Engineer, Information Builders
Learn how to tune WebFOCUS for optimal configuration and performance. This includes understanding the Load Simulator and how to use it in your environment. We will also describe the WebFOCUS 8 Performance Process, based on WebFOCUS 8.1.x., that consists of a set of guidelines that cover commonly used core WebFOCUS 8 product areas.

InfoAssist 8.1 Features and Techniques,
Presented by Lynda Brunelle, Technical Manager, Information Builders
WebFOCUS InfoAssist continues to deliver the most comprehensive reporting solutions to business professionals. In this session, we cover key features and updates for WebFOCUS InfoAssist and how to create and design persuasive reports to communicate information effectively.