NC / SC - Charlotte

Welcome, Introductions and Summit 2016 - June 13-17 in Reno, NV
Presented by Shay Creech, Customer Development Manager, Information Builders

WebFOCUS – Migrating to Release 8 and Best Practices
Presented by Mitch Morris, Senior Systems Engineer, Information Builders
This session will cover highlights in WebFOCUS 8105 and beyond. We’ll cover best practices and innovations and have an open discussion.

InfoAssist Update and Techniques – An In-Depth Review
Presented by Rene Nunnington, Systems Engineer, Information Builders
WebFOCUS InfoAssist continues to deliver the most comprehensive reporting solutions to business professionals. In this session, we cover key features and updates for WebFOCUS InfoAssist and how to create and design persuasive reports to communicate information effectively.

The Customer Speaks
Presented by Joe Pierno, UNC Charlotte

BI Portal Update and Innovations
Presented by Rene Nunnington, Systems Engineer, Information Builders
The Portal provides users with a single point of entry to all WebFOCUS features, a common user interface, and the ability to build complete modern websites with just a few clicks. After a thorough walk-through of the end-user experience, we'll show you the latest innovation on responsive design.

WebFOCUS Fast Track to Success
Presented by Marcy Miller Tait, Director, Technical Sales Strategy, Information Builders
The WebFOCUS Fast Track program delivers onsite Best Practices for both new and existing customers. In this session, we’ll review the Fast Track program and how customers can leverage this to move to WebFOCUS 8. You will learn about what you need to get started for a successful Fast Track, what is delivered as a result, and show real-life examples of past successes.