Welcome, Introductions and Summit 2016 - June 13-17 in Reno, NV
Presented by Brittany Pope, Customer Development Manager, Information Builders

 WebFOCUS 8 Overview
Presented by Steve Frederick, Eastern Area Technical Specialist, Information Builders
This session covers highlights of the current version of WebFOCUS 8105 and the next generation. See how these new features can make your development of Business Intelligence Systems faster and easier than ever before. We’ll also provide an update on the latest release roadmap.

WebFOCUS for Excel
Presented by Bob Hoffman, Senior Systems Engineer, Information Builders
This session will provide tips and techniques for building complex spreadsheets that take advantage of the latest in spreadsheet technology.

InfoAssist Update
Presented by Jason Muhammad, Systems Engineer, Information Builders
WebFOCUS InfoAssist continues to deliver the most comprehensive reporting solutions to business professionals. In this session, we cover key features and updates for WebFOCUS InfoAssist and how to create and design persuasive reports to communicate information effectively.

InfoApps Overview
Presented by Jim McDermott, Assistant Area Technical Manager, Information Builders
This session on InfoApps will include guided self-service reports, search-based apps, and predictive analytics apps, all of which can be customized further through a portal for a highly personalized user experience.