How Not to Mess Up Data Integration (in 5 Easy-Ish Topics)

First broadcast as part of the Intelligent Data Summit, this webcast explores five topics that are critical for a successful data integration implementation, including:
  • The role of mastering and data quality in integration
  • Benefits of historical data
  • The critical need for data quality metrics
  • How the business can align with IT
  • How a single view of the customer helps your operational processes

View the webcast here.

Plus, you'll learn about an agile approach to data integration that will make you rethink your development process.

The webcast, moderated by Vance McCarthy of Integration Developer News, is topped off with an informative Q&A session covering:

  • Symptoms business users can notice when data is messy
  • How to extend data governance to software as a service (SaaS) and the cloud
  • Finding new insights with structured, unstructured, and streaming Internet of Things (IoT) data
  • How Information Builders can help you not mess things up

Moderator: Vance McCarthy

Editor | Integration Developer News

Vance McCarthy is the editor and online program director for Integration Developer News, a leading publisher and web events producer of IT Integration topics.

Speaker: Jake Freivald

Vice President, Product Marketing | Information Builders

Jake Freivald is the vice president of Product Marketing for Information Builders. In this position, Jake is responsible for strategic and product-level messaging, content creation for digital marketing, and related requirements for press and analyst relations. He graduated from Cornell University with a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering in 1991.

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