Large-Scale Data Management with Hadoop

iWay Hadoop Data Manager lets users graphically design Sqoop and Flume jobs that would otherwise require complex custom code.

If you're struggling to staff your big data projects, paying too much for development skills, or waiting too long for data movement scripts, join us for this webcast on iWay Hadoop Data Manager.

This exciting new product simplifies the creation, management, and use of Hadoop-based data lakes. 

Find out how iWay Hadoop Data Manager can help you:

  • Ingest, transform, manage, and export data natively within Hadoop – without writing custom Sqoop and Flume code
  • Quickly assemble data for ad hoc projects and analytics 
  • Marshall native Hadoop capabilities, standards, and resource negotiation

You'll learn how to use your Hadoop environment to provide better data and better analytics – in less time and with lower cost.


Jake Freivald, Vice President of Product Marketing, Information Builders
Mr. Freivald is responsible for messaging strategy, content creation, and thought leadership for the WebFOCUS BI and analytics, iWay data integrity, and iWay integration product lines. He joined Information Builders in 1999 as a product manager for the Data Warehouse division, where he supported cross-platform product development and deployment.

Marcelo Litovsky, Senior Solutions Architect
Mr. Litovsky is a senior solutions architect and data management guru. He has a strong background in database and systems management as well as integration solutions. Using Information Builders technology, he helps customers cleanse and enhance their data.


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