Daytime Demos: Governed Data Discovery

Information Builders’ InfoDiscovery is a Governed Data Discovery solution. You can achieve spiritual simpatico with your data as it allows you to answer questions as quickly as your mind thinks of them. In this session, we will use “in the news” datasets to visualize and uncover hidden insights and stories that will leave you begging for an autograph and purchasing a concert t-shirt.

This Daytime Demo will teach you how to:

  • Visualize “in the news” datasets
  • Uncover and create stories
  • Plug-in to D3 visualizations

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Hosted by Porter Thorndike, Pre-Sales Tech Manager, Information Builders

Porter Thorndike

As a Pre-Sales Tech Manager, Porter Thorndike has been regaling Information Builders’ customers with tales of whimsy for more than 12 years. He has a strong background in user interface design, data visualization, and the iOS mobile operating system. Using his background, and expertise in Information Builders technology stack, Porter enjoys applying that sensibility in working with customers to help them build an intuitive, visually appealing application.

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