Web Services Integration Adapters – the New EAI?

Quickly Convert Enterprise Data Sources and Applications to Web Services in a Java™, JSP, ASP, or .NET environment

The term "Web services," in the context of an enterprise integration project, describes a set of modular applications or "services" that can be accessed within a network (e.g., the Internet, an intranet, or extranet) through a standard interface, typically XML (eXtensible Markup Language). Seen by some as the next generation of, or even replacement for Enterprise Application Integration (EAI), Web services is an attempt to connect disparate systems and resources together via a universal language and framework.

iWay Software Web Services allow universal XML access to more than 300 proprietary information systems, helping businesses integrate heterogeneous information systems faster, more cost-effectively, and more uniformly than ever before. Because Web services and the Internet are platform-agnostic, common integration issues across platforms are easier to overcome. Businesses can expose business functions and legacy data as Web services, and tools on any platform can use them with minimal effort.

On the business intelligence side, WebFOCUS Web Services is the only BI solution that can create, consume, and publish Web services, allowing WebFOCUS to be an integral part of a service oriented architecture. WebFOCUS can treat any Web service as if it were traditional relational data, joining live transactions to data marts, then output the resulting answer set as another standard Web service to any Web service-enabled application.

iWay Software accelerates business integration by simplifying it dramatically – eliminating custom integration code, and replacing it with the straightforward assembly and configuration of off-the-shelf components. iWay's Enterprise Integration Suite provides everything necessary to achieve real-time, near-real-time, or batch integration more quickly and easily than competing tools and the "roll-your-own" approach.

iWay's robust business integration suite enables organizations to quickly and easily leverage technologies such as IBM's Websphere, XML, and Java with everything from packaged applications to legacy systems. For more information on the newest suite of integration solutions, please visit our home page or follow the links on the left of the page to our informative, complimentary Webcasts and white papers.