Operational BI

What Technologies Will Dominate Retail in 2015?

Rado Kotorov January 12, 2015

The NRF show is underway right now in New York City. Coming right after the holiday season, we know the sales performance results for 2014. In the US, 2014 holiday sales grew by a modest 4 percent... view

I Know Information Builders, Do You?

Terri White December 11, 2014

What do Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department, BGL Group, Memorial Health, Raintree Oncology, and Yellow Pages have in common? They all know Information Builders.  But what does that really... view

Big Data and the consumer

James Cotton June 05, 2014

There are always ongoing discussions about the business benefits and challenges of Big Data. There's even been a lot of consideration about how Big Data impacts the... view

Tapping open data sources

Fateh Naili May 01, 2014

Every day we see how business Intelligence and data visualization is helping people across industries with a purpose of gaining new levels of insight and... view

On the Road with 5 Hot Trends

Terri White February 22, 2013

Marketers like me tend to throw around the word “transformative” a lot. Admittedly sometimes it’s hyperbole, but other times it doesn’t seem quite epic enough!  Take the tech industry right... view