Business Intelligence, Data Integrity, and Integration for Supply-Chain Management

Intelligence, integration, and integrity solutions from Information Builders improve the supply chain from end-to-end by helping companies to accelerate the execution of key procedures, and better coordinate activities with vendors and other partners.

Streamline the Supply Chain

Our technologies increase productivity, eliminate costly backlogs and delays, improve business alliances, and most importantly, optimize customer service.

Information Builders' solutions provide organizations with real-time insight into their entire supply chain, so they can:

  • Monitor the performance of vendors, distributors, logistics service providers, and other partners
  • Improve inventory control for components and finished goods to support just-in-time and lean manufacturing strategies
  • Perform sophisticated analysis to better forecast demand fluctuations and optimize resource allocation
  • Track works in progress to uncover problems and optimize production and distribution efficiencies
  • Manage overall supply-chain performance by assessing critical metrics such as on-time delivery, reductions in working capital, qualitative and quantitative ROI, and cost of goods produced and/or sold
  • Automate order processing, production, fulfillment, and other critical processes
  • Dynamically collaborate with third-party supply-chain partners through robust B2B integration

Development and Implementation

Information Builders Professional Services employs a team of supply-chain specialists to assist with your implementation.