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Business Intelligence, Analytics, and Data Management Solutions for the Supply Chain

Effective supply chain management has a profound impact on market share and profitability. Businesses must increase throughput and ensure on-time delivery of goods, while reducing costs, fulfillment times, and cash-to-cash cycles to ensure maximum supply chain efficiency. But, the increasing complexity of today's supply chains makes it difficult to monitor activities and control related risks while meeting customer demands.

Information Builders supply-chain technologies can automate order processing, production, fulfillment, and other critical processes.

Information Builders' business intelligence (BI) and analytics, integration, and data integrity solutions provide complete visibility into supply chain operations. Access to complete and accurate supply-chain insight can help minimize disruptions, automate key processes and workflows, mitigate risk, tighten delivery windows, improve forecasting and demand planning, enhance asset utilization and cost control, and manage environmental, health, and safety regulations.

We Know the Supply Chain

Information Builders enables Intersil, Utz Quality Foods, ReaderLink, and other companies to boost the agility, responsiveness, and reliability of their supply-chain activities.

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