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Business Intelligence, Analytics, and Data Management Solutions for Retailers

Today’s retailers need to satisfy more diverse and fickle shoppers, while overseeing complex store activities. They must also manage sophisticated supply chains and closely monitor operations that cover multiple channels - online, brick and mortar, catalog, kiosk - and span the globe.

Improve sales, merchandising, and multi-channel operations with data and analytics.

Business intelligence and analytics, integration, and data integrity solutions from Information Builders can help retailers overcome these challenges by seamlessly tying together information assets to offer greater visibility into all facets of their multi-channel operations. This will help improve merchandising and forecasting; enhance ordering, distribution, replenishment, and other activities; increase the effectiveness of markdowns and other promotions; optimize the shopper experience; and more.

We Know Retail

Ace Hardware, Helzberg Diamonds, Autozone, and other industry leaders rely on Information Builders to deliver crucial business information to everyone from executives and merchandising managers to warehouse and store staff, suppliers, distributors, and customers.

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With our technologies, retail organizations can:

  • Improve information access for all stakeholders – from executives and merchandising managers to warehouse and store staff, suppliers, distributors, and customers
  • Unify and consolidate information in product information management, inventory management, customer relationship management, point of sale, and other systems
  • Gain instant visibility into sales across all locations and channels
  • Analyze customer sentiment about your company from text-based formats such as e-mails, blogs, and posts on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn
  • Use advanced, mobile-optimized BI tools to capture data from disparate sources and integrate the information into a comprehensive format that all departments can use
  • Track inventory and distribution in real time
  • Assess the performance of individual stores and outlets
  • Accurately forecast demand, detect emerging buying trends, and predict traffic patterns so stock and staffing levels can be adjusted accordingly
  • Perform geographic analysis to enable more precise merchandising by region
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of markdowns, advertising, and other promotions
  • Streamline and accelerate ordering and delivery processes
  • Improve communication and collaboration with trading partners by automating key business-to-business transactions
  • Leverage master data management to create a single, consistent view of products and customers across all systems