Better Efficiency. Better Performance.

Business Intelligence, Analytics, and Data Management Solutions for Operations

With intelligence, integration, and integrity solutions from Information Builders, companies can enhance a wide array of critical operations – from logistics coordination and supply-chain management to field service – by making relevant and complete information instantly available to anyone who needs it.

Information Builders gives organizations access to analytics that support a wide array of critical activities by making information from real-time and near real-time sources instantly available.

With Information Builders, organizations can eliminate the inefficiencies that waste resources, while achieving optimum profitability and a sustainable competitive advantage.   

Our solutions can significantly enhance operations by empowering companies to:

  • Access more than 300 information sources on more platforms than any other BI solution
  • Allow thousands of internal and external users to participate in decision-making by easily accessing and analyzing timely, accurate operational data
  • Provide an intuitive interface that allows all users, even front-line workers with little or no technical savvy, to easily generate their own reports
  • Proactively improve the consistency, accuracy, and completeness of operational data with robust quality management tools
  • Enable users to display information in the most useful and relevant way – charts, graphs, maps, Excel spreadsheets, Adobe PDF files, and more
  • Deploy a comprehensive performance management framework (PMF) to facilitate ongoing tracking and measurement of critical operations-related metrics
  • Leverage enterprise search capabilities that enable any user to quickly and easily locate and retrieve operational data from any source

Development and Implementation

Information Builders Professional Services employs a team of operations specialists to assist with your implementation.