Better Compliance. Better Governance.

Business Intelligence, Analytics, and Data Management Solutions to Manage Risk and Compliance

Enabling comprehensive governance, risk management, and compliance can be a challenge. Data from diverse systems must be tightly unified; policies and processes must be seamlessly coordinated and executed; and complete, accurate information must be easy to access, interpret, and share with internal stakeholders, as well as regulatory bodies.

View key activities in real time; monitor critical initiatives; prevent potential risk; streamline workflows to support industry standards; improve regulatory reporting; and more.

Information Builders’ intelligence, integration, and integrity solutions empower organizations to develop and implement formal strategies to support effective, broad-reaching governance, risk management, and compliance initiatives. We offer a wide array of innovative products that transform data into business value by empowering companies to achieve complete visibility into and control over their operations, proactively detect and avoid threats, and ensure adherence to all laws and guidelines.

With our technologies in place, any organization can:

  • Gain complete, real-time visibility into key activities
  • Monitor the performance of critical processes and initiatives
  • Identify, anticipate, and prevent potential risk factors
  • Streamline and automate vital workflows to support industry standards
  • Improve the speed, consistency, and accuracy of regulatory reporting