Report Consolidation

Many organizations are plagued by an unmanageable amount of business intelligence (BI) content that provides few answers to critical business questions. Report consolidation minimizes the number of BI tools and assets by combining multiple reports together using a single, unified BI and analytics platform.

The benefits of report consolidation include:

  • Improved performance, faster response times, and optimized stability and reliability
  • Reduced costs and lower total cost of BI ownership
  • Enhanced ease of use, improved usability, and increased adoption
  • Simplified administration, with fewer resources required to maintain the environment

Consolidating Your Reports With WebFOCUS InfoApps

With WebFOCUS, report consolidation is easy and economical. Hundreds, or even thousands of reports can be seamlessly merged into just a few interactive InfoApps. These InfoApps can include guided templates that allow users to change reports to suit their needs by selecting dimensions, measures, filters, summarizations, output formats, and more. This not only reduces the BI footprint but also empowers non-technical users to satisfy their own information requirements - without extensive training or IT intervention.

Additionally, we offer a full range of services to aid in your report consolidation efforts. Our Professional Services team can assist you with:

  • Detailed deployment planning and implementation
  • Configuration of your WebFOCUS environment
  • Customized education and training, including reports, dashboards, mobile BI, and InfoApps
Cycle of Reporting

The vicious cycle of reporting leads to a mountain of business user report requests.