Business Intelligence, Integration, and Data Integrity Solutions for Multi-Level Marketers

Being a competitive multi-level marketing (MLM) organization today means being able to better understand and use all your data – whether it's customer comments on your LinkedIn page or critical sales, revenue, and performance data. Our software and services for business intelligence (BI) and analytics, integration, and data integrity provide MLM organizations with valuable insights into their distributor/agent performance, business measurements, and market sentiment.

Neways used Information Builders solutions to build interactive dashboards that display crucial sales information that distributors need to run their businesses.

This boosts sales volume through the channels, provides keener insight into achievement of goals, and helps to enhance and retain the critical distributor/agent networks while better understanding the market and public opinion about products and services. Our technologies enable MLM organizations to become sharper competitors and to empower, grow, and retain their distribution networks with:

  • Tools to track and analyze what customers are saying on social media sites, in e-mail, blogs, and more
  • Access to critical business data that helps build and manage a fast-changing distributor/agent network
  • Executive dashboards that allow senior management to monitor sales, revenue, forecasts, performance to goals, and other key metrics  in real time
  • Real-time insight into how audiences perceive your company, your products and services, and your competitors
  • Self-service and mobile capabilities that give sales professionals in the field access to critical product and pricing information  in real time, from anywhere
  • In-depth analytics that help managers uncover important patterns and trends in pre- and post-sales activities
  • Master data management (MDM) tools that facilitate the creation of a single “golden” record for each customer and prospect across all information systems

Development and Implementation

Information Builders Professional Services employs a team of specialists and sales-related BI applications to assist with your implementation.