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Business Intelligence, Analytics, and Data Management Solutions for Marketing

Today’s marketing professionals face unique challenges. Innovative new promotional strategies, a greater number of communication channels, and buyer demands that grow more and more sophisticated each day make it harder to plan and execute successful lead generation, branding, and customer loyalty programs.

Information Builders solutions enable marketing professionals to target and communicate with the right audience, understand the impact of campaigns, forge stronger and more profitable relationships, and increase revenue and market share.

Information Builders' business intelligence (BI) and analytics, integration, and data integrity solutions give marketing teams in-depth insight into key industry trends, as well as critical patterns in the needs and behaviors of existing and potential clients. They can more precisely target and communicate to the right audience, understand which campaigns have the greatest impact on sales, forge stronger and more profitable relationships with customers, and increase revenues and market share.

We Know Marketing

Companies like Helzberg Diamonds, Jack Nadel, and Covidien UK have increased the effectiveness of their marketing efforts with Information Builders' technologies.

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