Business Intelligence, Data Integrity, and Integration for Manufacturers

Once-thriving manufacturers are now plagued by shrinking profit margins, intensifying competitive pressures, and buyers who have fewer dollars to spend. At the same time, internal operations and external supply-chain activities have become more complex, making them much harder to streamline, track, and control. As a result, companies in the manufacturing industry must find new ways to optimize productivity, improve customer service, expand market share, increase revenue, and minimize expenses.

Information Builders in Manufacturing

With Information Builders’ intelligence, integration, and integrity solutions, manufacturers can tap into supply-chain management, production, customer relationship management, materials management, and other systems to enhance and accelerate core operations, respond swiftly to marketplace changes and customer needs, improve relationships with key business partners, identify and leverage new revenue streams, reduce waste, and operate more cost-efficiently.

Developing an Information Strategy in the Manufacturing Industry

Read this white paper to learn the five vital actions that are essential steps in a well-executed information strategy in manufacturing: strategize, align, govern, execute, and optimize.

Technologies from Information Builders empower manufacturers worldwide to:

  • Evaluate the effectiveness of production, distribution, order fulfillment, quality management, and other mission-critical activities across multiple plants and facilities
  • Define and measure key performance metrics such as production capacity, stock levels, pending orders, and on-time delivery ratios
  • Quickly integrate more than 300 information sources and data structures, including e-business formats, legacy mainframe systems, and popular packaged applications such as SAP, i2, Manugistics, Seibel, and PeopleSoft
  • Automate the supply chain from end to end to adopt “just in time” efficiencies by collaborating with partners using XML and web services
  • Accurately forecast demand and adjust production schedules accordingly
  • Accurately assess the performance of suppliers and vendors
  • Monitor patterns and trends in operations to instantly spot and resolve exceptions, variances, and deviations
  • Achieve superior customer service by delivering on time and providing easy access to accurate order status information

Development and Implementation

Information Builders' Professional Services employs a team of manufacturing specialists to assist with your implementation.