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Business Intelligence, Analytics, and Data Management Solutions for Manufacturers

Today's manufacturers are plagued by shrinking profit margins, intensifying competitive pressures, and buyers with fewer dollars to spend. Additionally, internal operations and external supply chain activities are more complex than ever, making them harder to track and control.

With Information Builders’ solutions in place, manufacturers can contain costs and improve customer satisfaction by eliminating expensive stock overages, and ensuring that a sufficient level of finished goods are on hand to satisfy market demand.

For years, Information Builders' business intelligence and analytics, integration, and data integrity solutions have helped manufacturers overcome these challenges. Staff at all levels - from the executive office to the production floor - have the insight they need to optimize engineering, production, quality control, and other processes; improve inventory management; coordinate sophisticated supply chains; and increase forecasting accuracy for better demand planning.

We Know Manufacturing

Industry leaders like Coty, Ford Motor Company, Steel Technologies, and ThyssenKrupp turn to Information Builders for help in making complete, high quality data available to all employees, vendors, suppliers, supply chain partners, and customers.

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