Customer-Facing and Data Monetization


Data stored in an organization’s enterprise systems is valuable not only to their employees, but also to their customers and business partners as well.

Sharing this information through customer-facing and self-service business intelligence and analytics applications can reduce service and support costs, enhance satisfaction, and improve productivity. Value-added information services can also create new revenue streams, boost customer acquisition and retention, and serve as a competitive differentiator.

Data Monetization

Enterprise data can be leveraged to reduce costs or increase revenue and companies are increasingly invest in capabilities that transform analytics from a cost center to a profit center. Organizations are looking at their data in a different and broader sense and evaluating the ways that this enterprise data can be monetized.

A successful data monetization initiative is dependent on three key areas – organization, governance, and sharing. It’s critical that companies are equipped to handle data from a variety of sources and format.

DVI Vantage Point from Travel and Transport is a Customer-facing data aggregation and visualization tool targeted at corporate travel programs. DVI Vantage Point is a suite of visualization screens that graphically displays all aspects of a corporate travel program.

Our Solutions

Information Builders enables Customer-Facing and Data Monetization through our out-of-the-box capabilities – and we currently do so for 50 percent of our customers and partners today.

We are uniquely able to support these diverse requirements through its WebFOCUS BI and analytics platform, underpinned by its iWay Integrity and Integration suites. The technology guarantees that information is efficiently collected and integrated, regardless of its origin or source, seamlessly addresses data quality issues, and facilitates an analytics approach for a wide variety of stakeholders, both internal and external.

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