Business Intelligence, Integration, and Data Integrity Solutions for Healthcare

Healthcare firms struggle to improve patient outcomes and enhance care quality, while controlling costs and maximizing reimbursements in order to maintain a profitable enterprise.  Additionally, they are forced to comply with constantly-evolving regulatory requirements.

Information Builders in Healthcare

With Information Builders' business intelligence and analytics, integration, and data integrity solutions, healthcare firms can reach these goals by measuring and leveraging the massive amount of data collected throughout the patient lifecycle. Transparent, trusted, and timely information is available on demand across the continuum of care, enhancing everything from care quality and patient experience to cost control, asset utilization, claims processing, and compliance.

Information Builders' solutions for the healthcare industry include:

Industry leaders like Mount Sinai Medical Center, Vree Health, Butler Health System, and Cambridge Memorial Hospital turn to Information Builders for help in delivering crucial business information to clinicians, administrators, patients, and partners. See their stories here.