Law Enforcement Analytics: Intelligence-Led and Predictive Policing

Information is critical to fighting crime. Unfortunately, most law enforcement agencies are bogged down by data stored in disparate systems that are difficult to integrate. Law enforcement professionals require accurate, timely, and complete analysis of data from many sources – including criminal and crash histories, incident reports, and 911 calls.

Information Builders in Law Enforcement

Information Builders’ business intelligence (BI) and analytics, integration, and data integrity solutions give law enforcement and public safety agencies the ability to access any data, turn it into valuable, real-time actionable information, and rapidly deliver it to all those involved in fighting and preventing crime. This accelerates criminal investigations, aids in crime reduction, increases accountability, promotes collaboration, improves management of labor and resources, and more.

We Know Law Enforcement

Law enforcement agencies in Charlotte-Mecklenburg, NC; Houston and Irving, TX; Kansas City, MO; and other locations rely on Information Builders to share vital information with administrators, dispatchers, crime analysts, and officers, as well as external entities such as citizens and other government agencies.

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