Gaming: Business Intelligence and Integration Solutions

Today's gaming industry is highly competitive. To maximize occupancy and profitability, casinos must formulate aggressive strategies for attracting and retaining patrons. In order to thrive, they need to develop better, more targeted marketing campaigns, promotions, and loyalty programs by gaining greater insight into the needs, wants, and behaviors of current and potential visitors.

A revenue management dashboard.

Information Builders empowers companies in the gaming industry to access, aggregate, and analyze information housed in diverse and disparate systems scattered across properties and locations. As a result, they can:

  • Optimize patron value by improving the accuracy and consistency of guest information, and precisely predicting future guest activities based on attributes, characteristics, and past interactions
  • Enhance demand planning through greater insight into the factors that drive attendance, participation in gaming activities, and consumption
  • Improve pricing and revenue management by synchronizing financial data across properties and brands, and tracking key revenue-related metrics, such as sales by customer or income by game
  • Boost gaming profitability by identifying those games that are most lucrative, and determining how factors such as occupancy, bets, time spent per player, and game availability impact profits
  • Proactively mitigate risk through the ability to detect patterns and trends associated with cheating, for improved forecasting of when, where, and by whom fraud is most likely to be committed in the future
  • Ensure compliance with industry regulations and reporting guidelines