Information Builders and Esri

Extend your organization’s business intelligence (BI) and reporting capabilities by adding maps to your reports. Information Builders and Esri – the leading developer of geographic information system (GIS) software – have teamed to offer a compatible solution that intuitively analyzes information with a spatial component in real time and presents it in the context of a physical location. With WebFOCUS’ GIS and mapping capabilities, you can spatially enable any data element as well as integrate all of your databases and applications into a GIS.

The combined solution adds a whole new layer to business intelligence. Click from a report to a map or visa-versa to see the impact of business decisions on an entirely new level. Organize information by location to take full advantage of its geo-spatial components, including addresses, zip codes, and telephone numbers. Executives and business users can leverage GIS and BI to determine market penetration, analyze sales, select sites for additional distribution or retail facilities, and chart sales territories.

Fact Sheet: Esri and Information Builders: Location Analytics

Information Builders has deepened its native integration with Esri, leveraging the latest Esri ArcGIS API. This enhanced interaction results in a simple configuration of layers and settings, rather than any coding requirement. This enables robust application development within App Studio, and easy self-service usage within InfoAssist+.

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