Embedded BI and Analytics

Embedding business intelligence (BI) and analytics capabilities directly into a business application helps your users to benefit from actionable insights and information in the context of their usual workflow.   WebFOCUS has the technological capability to include BI features and functions as an inherent part of another application. Operationalizing and embedding analytics is about integrating actionable insights into systems and business processes used to make decisions.

Here is an introduction to embedded BI and analytics:

Per the 2016 Dresner Embedded Business Intelligence Market Study, embedded BI technology ranks 12th out of 30 strategic BI topics, behind mainstream BI practices, but ahead of areas including governance, cloud, big data, and social media analysis. The top user objectives for embedded BI are to broaden access to internal users, provide in-context insights and analysis, and provide complimentary or paid access to external users. 

WebFOCUS supports two classes of embedded implementation use cases: internal and external.

  • Internal. Many organizations have strong internal objectives for embedding analytics and are looking to operationalize and mix BI with existing applications. Typical examples are technology, healthcare, and manufacturing verticals.

    Example of embedded analytics within Sharepoint
  • External. Two use cases exist for external deployments, free and paid. An example of free might be a financial services organization looking to provide complimentary access to customers through portals or web applications. For paid use cases, examples might be consultancies, business services, and retailers who are looking to monetize data and analytics via OEM and external deployments.

    Example of an external application with embedded analytics

Embedding BI and analytics capabilities directly into an application improves a solution’s appeal and drives new revenue opportunities by putting actionable, reliable information right into a user’s hand. Rather than devote precious R&D resources to creating and maintaining these capabilities, an organization can now partner with a best-of-breed BI and analytics provider for fast time-to-market and rapid value. 

WebFOCUS provides seamless integration, ease of branding, sophisticated out-of-the-box content options, flexible and robust security features, and scalability on a single, unified platform. This enables a superior user experience and allows organizations to unleash the full potential of their existing information by putting actionable, reliable information into more users’ hands. 

Customer Success Stories

Customers using WebFOCUS to embed analytics and BI into business applications include:

The screenshot below is from a  product from Vantage Point, who has created a new division called Data Visualization Intelligence. They have OEM'd WebFOCUS into a product called DVI Vantage Point, a suite of visualizations that graphically displays all aspects of a corporate travel program.

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