Higher Education Customer Content Exchange Mart

Information Builders presents our Higher Education Customer Content Exchange Mart, which allows  you to share your WebFOCUS content so that other customers can see the great things you’ve accomplished. Here’s how to get there:

  1. Click on the “Services and Support” tab above. Then click on “Tech Support.” This will take you to techsupport.informationbuilders.com/, where you can login with your site code.
  2. Mouse over “Resources” at the top of the page.
  3. Click on “Customer Content Exchange Mart – Higher Education.”  There you’ll see instructions on how to upload your WebFOCUS content to share with others, and how to download what others have done.

Your peers will appreciate examples of:

  • Cool reports (code and/or screenshots)
  • Dashboards (screenshots, descriptions of how they’ve improved efficiency, accountability, etc.)
  • Samples of reports (code accessing your ERP, whether it’s Banner, PeopleSoft, Colleague, etc.)
  • Analysis of operations
  • Analysis tied to your core mission
  • Ways that your executives are seeing value
  • Ways that your information delivery is improving student services