IBM DB2 Web Query for System i Powered by WebFOCUS

IBM has been replacing Query for iSeries (previously Query/400) with IBM DB2 Web Query for IBM i. Since 2007 more than 30,000 copies of DB2 Web Query have shipped worldwide. This product, powered by Information Builders, contains a subset of WebFOCUS features with additional capabilities available as options from either IBM or Information Builders.

"We developed DB2 Web Query with Information Builders and our joint development is delivering value for thousands of IBM i customers looking for a mid-market BI solution that can leverage their existing investments in DB2 for i and Power Systems," explained Doug Mack, DB2 product marketing manager within IBM’s System i Product Marketing Group.

DB2 Web Query Functionality

DB2 Web Query is an effective tool for delivering queries, production reports, and dashboard-like compound reports. It delivers almost complete translation of Query 400 queries into WebFOCUS reports with full support for any computations, functions, aggregation, and formatting options such as headings, column titles, footings, and subtotals. DB2 Web Query also supports batch execution and printing of reports on IBM i.

End users can run pre-defined reports and any user can be designated as a developer. Each class of IBM i servers will have between two to 20 named users to start, and IBM will be able to increase the number of users.

Key Features of DB2 Web Query

Base Product

  • Adapters
    • DB2
    • DBFILE
    • Query 400
  • Web-based reporting and authoring tools
  • DB2 Web-Query (IBM i) web reporting server

Additional Components

  • Active Technology reports
  • OLAP
  • Developer Workbench
  • DB2 Web Query for Business Intelligence
  • DB2 Web Query Report Broker
  • DB2 Web Query SDK

Information Builders Solutions for IBM i

While DB2 Web Query for IBM i satisfies many information delivery needs, Information Builders also offers a complete suite of comprehensive solutions for developing, managing, and optimizing a flexible data architecture to efficiently support key enterprise information initiatives.

“DB2 Web Query was specifically designed as a next generation BI tool for customers running on the IBM i. Gone is the green screen and what is replacing the green screen is an easy-to-use high-performance reporting tool. DB2 Web Query was designed to take advantage of a database that is tightly integrated with IBM i – this means it was designed to leverage better access methods that can deliver better optimization and superior performance,” noted Gary Goldberg, vice president of DB2 Web Query Development, Information Builders.