Every Decision Begins With Data Strategy

Business Intelligence, Analytics, and Data Management Solutions for Data Strategy

With more big data, mobile data, social media data, and sensor data coming in batch or streams, not investing in data strategy may result in loss of clarity, hamstrung innovations, and diminished competitive advantage.

Our software solutions complement many different approaches to organizing, governing, and sharing information.

Companies such as Yellow Pages know the value of an effective data strategy. That's why they rely on our solutions to handle their big data.

We provide a single, unified environment for defining integration, data quality, match/merge, remediation, and unification plans, so you can:

  • Make sense of massive volumes of fragmented, unsynchronized data across multiple systems and applications
  • Optimize the consistency, completeness, and correctness of data across all information assets through real-time data quality management and profiling
  • Simplify and accelerate the creation and deployment of mastering applications, reducing the time to master a single domain by 2/3
  • Streamline operations and analytics based on unified data

The result is better differentiation driven by more effective and innovative use of all data assets, including big data.

We Know Data Management

Coty, SMACL, Maitland Fund Services, and Megamation Systems are just a few companies using our solutions for data management.

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