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Business Intelligence, Analytics, and Data Management Solutions for Monetizing Data

Data monetization is the process of unlocking the significant financial value held by the data in your enterprise systems. While the potential to monetize data has always existed, the proliferation of big data from new sources such as mobile, social media, and the cloud presents new opportunities to make information an integral part of your organization’s value proposition.

There are two primary ways to monetize your data. You can use it to generate more revenue, or leverage it to uncover hard-dollar cost-savings.

How to monetize data and analytics in innovative ways:

  • If you have high-value information, you can sell it, or charge a fee for the ability to access and analyze it
  • Empower stakeholders to tap into information to generate more income or increase profitability by identifying up-sell or cross-sell opportunities or finding ways to reduce customer attrition
  • Dig deep into data to uncover processes or operations where hard-dollar cost savings can be achieved, either through increased efficiency or reduced waste

Information Builders provides a single, fully integrated platform that effectively and economically supports any data monetization strategy. Our integration and data integrity solutions ensure the accessibility and quality of data from across the enterprise and beyond, while our business intelligence (BI) and analytics solutions make it readily available to executives, employees, customers, and partners. With Information Builders, your business is empowered to transform information into a profit-enhancing asset.

We Know Data Monetization

Helzberg Diamonds and Scotiabank are just a few companies using our solutions to monetize their data assets.

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