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Business Intelligence, Analytics, and Data Management Solutions for CRM

Throughout all industries, companies are finding it more challenging than ever to sustain desirable levels of customer retention and profitability. Client needs change in an instant. Their behaviors are harder to predict, and their demands just seem to grow. It is nearly impossible to gain an edge through product differentiation or price cutting alone.

WebFOCUS helps companies to better access and analyze CRM data to gain a better understanding of client requirements, predict buying patterns and other behaviors, and expand their presence in existing accounts.

Information Builders’ business intelligence (BI) and analytics, integration, and data integrity solutions can help companies implement successful customer relationship management (CRM) strategies by making critical customer-related insights accessible to all stakeholders. They can leverage the data within CRM systems and other sources to better understand client requirements, predict behaviors, and identify opportunities to expand their presence in existing accounts. Most importantly, they can gain the knowledge needed to develop, market, and sell more personalized products and services.

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Pershing, U.S. Bank, CentiMark, and many others are building stronger, more profitable customer relationships with Information Builders technologies.

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