Information Builders and Cloud Square

In today’s global food supply chain, retailers and service providers who produce, manufacture, distribute, transport, and sell food face more demanding regulatory mandates and other complex challenges. With this increased focus on safety and quality, traceability, and corporate and social responsibility, many companies find themselves caught up in a storm of paper and manual processes.

Information Builders and CloudSquare have joined forces to empower food and beverage manufacturers to meet these evolving demands. Together, our first-in-class solutions help promote transparency (upstream, downstream, and internally) and manage compliance at every point in the supply chain – from farm-to-fork. As a result, companies can address regulatory pressures while ensuring consumer satisfaction and safety, maintaining shareholder awareness, and preserving producer reputation.

Together with CloudSquare, we can deliver business value within a matter of weeks by combining FDA/FSMA regulatory expertise and a compliance framework with data quality and master data management, integration, and business intelligence and analytics. This enables monitoring and evaluation of safety and quality compliance requirements at every point along the food supply and value chain. All activities - inbound, during production, and outbound - can be tracked, reported upon, and enhanced.

Information Builders and CloudSquare offer:

  • Food Safety Governance, Risk, and Compliance Framework for supplier, product, customer, and traceability, as well as custody record mastering
  • Traceability and Genealogy to trace from product to source across the full production process
  • Lot genealogy reporting to track raw material (ingredients) back-to-front of the production value chain
  • Quality Management with reporting and alerting features to comply with FSMA, GFSI, and other regulations, and improve the efficiency of food safety programs and recall processes and audits
  • Specification Publishing (1WorldSync and GS1 ready) to maintain and publish unique specifications to ensure compliance and quickly generate finished-goods COAs in multiple forms with a single click.

Key Benefits

  • Ensure compliance with government regulations and industry mandates
  • Eliminate duplicate information and error-prone processes
  • Deliver data consistency and control across all publications and marketing channels
  • Replace old legacy systems, homegrown solutions, and countless spreadsheets
  • Communicate the supply-chain data the FDA needs to conduct tracking investigations
  • Create a uniform set of supply-chain data records for FSMA
  • Reduce the risk of brand damage, fines, or imprisonment