Information Builders and Cloudera

Organizations are overrun with data: machine data from sensors, GPS data from cell phones, text data from websites, web clicks from browsers, and much more. All of this data can be leveraged for strategic advantage, improved processes, and controlled costs, but only if it is clean, usable, and fully accessible.

Leading organizations rely on Cloudera's fast, secure data management platform - built on Hadoop and the latest open source technologies - to solve their most challenging business problems.

Our iWay solutions cost-effectively complement Cloudera environments by capturing, storing, and processing vast amounts of data, and then making it readily available to WebFOCUS for end-user analysis. iWay Big Data Integrator 1.2 is a Cloudera-certified technology, and has been tested and validated to work with CDH, Cloudera’s 100 percent open source and enterprise-ready distribution of Apache Hadoop and related projects.

Big Data Integrator

  • Ingests and cleanses data from virtually any source in batch or streams, using native Hadoop facilities
  • Runs under YARN, taking advantage of Cloudera’s native Hadoop performance and resource negotiation
  • Leverages the Spark processing engine, if available
  • Provides an excellent architecture for sophisticated, high-value Hadoop integration‎, when combined with Cloudera

iWay Big Data Integrator accesses data at any source, positions it into an optional data lake, cleanses it, and masters it – all inside the cluster. This approach leverages Hadoop’s power and speed, with Cloudera providing the complete architecture to accelerate time to value for Hadoop implementations. Clusters that use CDH in conjunction with Cloudera-certified technologies reduce risk and lower total cost of ownership.

Key Benefits

  • Get more data into the Hadoop and Cloudera platform
  • Seamlessly glean value from big data sets
  • Effortlessly connect to Cloudera through the Impala interface, to create rich reports - without moving data into a warehouse
  • Make Cloudera solutions easy to deploy, fast, and secure at the platform level