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Business Intelligence, Analytics, and Data Management Solutions for Casinos and Gaming

Business Intelligence (BI), data integrity, and integration solutions from Information Builders empower casinos and gaming organizations to leverage customer information to deliver highly personalized promotions and guest services that boost retention and loyalty. At the same time, they deliver insight to help streamline front-of-the-house and gaming floor operations, minimize fraud, ensure regulatory compliance, and simplify pricing and revenue management.

The WebFOCUS Portal for Casinos provides advanced analytics in a single, centralized environment. Organizations can perform fast, intuitive analysis of timely, consolidated information from multiple sources (reservation, lodging management, point of sale, gaming, and marketing systems) across properties, including gaming, hotels, catering, dining, and retail stores, as well as among back-office functions such as accounting, human resources, and legal.

Multiple views provide the most relevant and useful information to each type of user. Information is sorted based on roles and privileges, and can be further customized to reflect precisely what each individual wants to see. Authorized users can visualize, calculate, and chart any type of data – even when disconnected from the network.

Views include:

  • Hotel Manager View, which displays all aspects of hotel operations, including daily arrivals, projected volumes, occupancy rates, VIP checkouts, and labor ratios
  • Front Desk View, which allows hotel personnel to quickly search for and check in guests, and access information about housekeeping, payments, loyalty status and points, and recommended services
  • Casino Host View, which displays daily arrivals, top arrivals, special requests, credit lines, gaming statistics, on-game dollars in, slots versus tables, and other important metrics
  • Property Executive View, which displays occupancy rates, analytics related to labor and game dollars, and statistics for slots and tables
  • Corporate View, which charts occupancy rates, gaming revenues, and labor hours. Third-party data to track guest sentiment and other data points can also be embedded
  • Customer View, which allows guests to view and update their profiles, folios and offers, or submit requests to housekeeping, concierge, reservations, and other departments. They can also review bills and check out of the hotel online
Front Desk View

The Front Desk View gives staff all the information they need to ensure a superior guest experience.