Operationalizing Big Data Insights

Big Data is getting big attention – but are you getting big value?

Information Builders not only helps organizations analyze big data to spot trends and generate insights, but also – uniquely – operationalizes big data insights for broader decision making across the enterprise.
Information Builders can help you deliver a clearer, more recognizable return on your big data investments. Whether you are trying to harness the value of machine-generated, location, social media, or web monitoring data, we can help you exploit the value in each source and correlate it with other enterprise data to drive real impact.
We help
  • Retailers analyze and compare point of sale performance in real-time
  • Marketers understand customer online behavior
  • Manufacturers provide insights collected from their equipment sensor data directly to their customers
  • Healthcare clinicians understand the detail value
  • Travel, transport, and logistics firms analyze location data for cargo, fleets, and driver behavior
  • Consumer product manufacturers and entertainment providers correlate social media events with sales

Big Data Management

As data volumes grow dramatically, so does the need for effective information management. Our iWay information management solutions ensure that your data lakes and big data analytic sources are available, timely, and accurate. We harness the power of Hadoop to perform the most efficient data quality management solutions available for large volumes of data.

Big Data Solutions and Partnerships

Information Builders directly supports and exploits the widest range of big data solutions incorporating Hadoop, NoSQL, columnar databases, and other related technologies.


Ask us about the unique advantages we offer with these technologies and how we can help leverage big data to benefit your business.