Big Flexibility to Get Big Value from Big Data

You’re getting more requirements for big data, especially Hadoop. To help you adapt to the changes you’re facing, Information Builders has built big data capabilities into its WebFOCUS BI and analytics platform as well as its iWay information management technology. No vendor provides a better-tailored solution for big data analytics and operations.
Distributions? Certified partnerships with Cloudera, MapR, and Hortonworks, along with partnerships with IBM InfoSphere BigInsights and Pivotal, ensure that you’ll always be able to use the big data technology you want to.
Data types? The whole alphabet soup is available for you to use: JSON, CSV, XML, RCFile, ORC, Parquet, Sequence, Avro, Apache HBase, and more. Better still, our sophisticated metadata can take arrays and JSON structures embedded within result sets and break them out into traditional rows and columns, which makes it easy for people to use in analytics and other applications. 
Interfaces? It seems like every person and platform has a preferred one, and Information Builders has adapters engineered for them: Take your pick of Hive, Impala, Drill, and Phoenix. We also work directly with MapR’s version of HDFS for lightning-fast response times without an intervening SQL interface.
Sources? You’ve got to deal with Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, DataSift, Gnip, cloud, legacy, machine data, and a whole lot more. We’ve been there. We can help.
Additional features include
  • Easy, metadata-based access to complex data types
  • Handles segments, delimiters, conditionals on segments, embedded subtypes, and more
  • Metadata-based joins and data blending, even across different data sources and complex data structures
  • Easy drill-through from data warehouses and aggregated sources to Hadoop-based detail data
  • Automatic metadata generation for Hive on load
  • Integrated data access, quality, and mastering
  • Simple extract to WebFOCUS Hyperstage for fast subsetting and superfast analytics
  • More than 150 brilliant visualizations
  • Big data analytics for everyone, from sophisticated tools for data scientists to InfoApps for non-technical workers
  • The world’s highest scalability and performance – at a reasonable price
And don’t forget other, non-Hadoop big data technologies, too, like Teradata and HP Vertica. We have great solutions for them as well. 
When you're dealing with big data, you want a mature and robust platform like Information Builders WebFOCUS. Call us to learn more.

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