Operationalizing Big Data Insights

Get the Most Value From Your Big Data

Big data sounds overwhelming, but it doesn't have to be. Information Builders creates tools that can natively ingest, cleanse, and integrate in order to help you harness your Hadoop-based data, make it work with your existing applications and processes – and transform it into valuable insight.

Six Issues that Can Derail Your Big Data Initiative

Worried about your implementation of big data integration and analytics?
We drill down on the issues that can hamper a successful big data initiative in our white paper, Six Issues that Can Derail Your Big Data Initiative.

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A True Reflection of Your Enterprise

Powerful enterprise integration, with access to the broadest array of sources, captures all of your structured and unstructured information. You'll have automatic metadata generation for Hive on load and the most complete view of your business, driving the insights needed to boost performance.

Streamline Hadoop Projects While Minimizing Costs

Our robust integration platform, iWay Big Data Integrator, reduces coding and maintenance, minimizes costs and complexity, and promotes best practices in data movement. Metadata-based joins and data blending work even across complex data structures. It also works natively within any Hadoop environment, leverages native Hadoop capabilities and resource negotiation, and uses a wide variety of data sources and formats.

High Quality Data - Always

Integrated data access, quality and mastering ensure the information in your Hadoop environment is fit for purpose at all times. Consistency, accuracy, and completeness are guaranteed, so you can exploit your big data for competitive advantage.

A Unified View for All Stakeholders

Easily drill-through from data warehouses and aggregated sources to Hadoop-based detail data with your chosen interface. Avoid the risks of siloed sources and disparate data ponds and give everyone, in every role and department, a complete view of your big data.

Operationalize Big Data Insights

Whether you are trying to harness the value of machine-generated, location, social media, or web monitoring data, our BI and analytics solutions help you exploit the value in each source by spotting trends and generating big data insights. From sophisticated tools for data scientists to InfoApps for non-technical users, big data can be available to one and all.

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