Information Builders and Business Intelligence Standardization

An enterprise BI solution must satisfy the reporting and analysis needs of everyone in the organization.

In the past, companies approached business intelligence (BI) from a departmental perspective. As a result, find themselves today with numerous, disparate reporting and analysis tools scattered across their organizations. While this approach may have addressed short-term tactical needs, it has done little to satisfy more strategic, broad-reaching information requirements. This type of BI fragmentation has created scenarios where inconsistent, inaccurate, and outdated information flows across an enterprise, and the time and costs required to maintain a BI environment are significantly increased.

WebFOCUS, Information Builders’ robust BIplatform, is the only solution that provides all the features and capabilities needed to support BI on an enterprise scale.  Companies who standardize on WebFOCUS can eliminate redundant, overlapping, and conflicting tools, reducing the expenses associated with BI ownership, while increasing the speed, consistency, accuracy – and the value – of reporting and analysis efforts company-wide.

Only WebFOCUS offers a true platform for BI standardization, empowering organizations to:

  • Access any data, regardless of its source, location, or format
  • Accommodate thousands of users, without excessive amounts of hardware
  • Support myriad reporting applications to address the needs of the widest range of user types

For years, companies across all industries have trusted WebFOCUS as their enterprise BI standard, implementing it as the foundation of a single, fully integrated reporting and analysis framework that spans all aspects of the organization. As a result, they have optimized corporate performance by improving coordination and visibility into key company strategies and initiatives.     

Development and Implementation

Information Builders' Professional Services employs a team of specialists in enterprise-wide BI environments, to assist with your implementation.

Contact us to discuss your specific organizational needs.