BI and Analytics in the Cloud

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The increasing prevalence of cloud solutions can be attributed to their many benefits over traditional infrastructure, which include greater flexibility and scalability to handle growth and unanticipated demand, lower upfront investment, and improved performance. The cloud has something for everyone - higher agility and growth for CEOs, increased operational efficiency for CFOs, innovative ways to engage customers for CMOs, and improved cost-efficiency, speed, scale, and functionality for CIOs.

In the past, choices for cloud-based business intelligence and analytics were limited to simple data exploration and visualization. With Information Builders, you can now leverage a comprehensive business intelligence, analytics, and information management platform via cloud delivery. Our platform-as-a-service makes all the powerful features and capabilities of WebFOCUS and iWay readily available through a variety of flexible deployment options:

  • Virtual cloud, which offers high availability, robust security, and a network-focused design
  • Private cloud, for fast, cost-effective delivery as-a-service from your data center or ours
  • Hybrid cloud, which covers any virtual or private scenario, and can be deployed at your data center, ours, or both. Third-party cloud services and on-site management can also be included

WebFOCUS Total Access Bundle for the Cloud: A Fully Hosted BI Plaform 

This bundle provides access to all features and capabilities of the WebFOCUS platform, including:

  • Tools for development of InfoApps and other analytic content
  • Self-service and customer-facing BI
  • Predictive, location, and social media analytics
  • Portals and dashboards
  • Visual data discovery
  • Dynamic report scheduling, distribution, and archiving
  • Write-back functionality
  • Performance management
  • In-document analytics

Even the most sophisticated business intelligence solutions can be deployed to the cloud

Around-the-clock priority support is provided by Information Builders Advanced Technology Services team, who will provision the environment, and install, configure, and maintain WebFOCUS and/or iWay solutions.
Fully-Managed, Multi-Tenant Protection
Our comprehensive cloud control management system manages, governs, and automates each customer's cloud environment. Each customer is allocated its own networks and virtual servers - with enterprise-grade segmentation ensuring that users cannot access networks or systems owned by other customers.  
Robust Security 
Platform-based security includes single sign-on capabilities, and supports metadata-based deployment, multi-tenancy templates, and a fine-grained security model with authorized users based on RDMS data or web service. This meets the broadest range of security requirements and provides protection at the system, application, database, and field-value level.
We maintain full control over access to our networks, and perform 24x7 monitoring of all customer cloud environments worldwide using advanced intrusion detection systems. Testing is also performed by external security assessment firms on a regular basis.  This allows us to instantly react to abnormal events and keep customer environments safe at all times.     
Furthermore, all cloud operations are fully encrypted between clients and web servers, to ensure that sensitive data is always protected.
Data Residency 
Our wide data center footprint, which includes 18 data centers around the globe, allows us to readily meet the needs of sovereign entities that require  data in the could to remain inside its borders.
Performance and Scalability
Our platform in the cloud can handle the requirements of any enterprise business intelligence and analytics deployment, with the ability to deploy highly secure applications to thousands, tens of thousands, even millions of users, inside or outside the corporate firewall.
ETL Services
Data from both on-premise and cloud-based data sources can be seamlessly accessed and integrated through a family of 300+ out-of-the-box adapters. This includes direct access to operational stores or the files that service operational systems, as well as joining and drilling of data warehouses to operational systems.
Cloud -Certified Platform
Our platform-as-a-service has received the following industry certifications:
ISO 27018, a global standard for privacy and data protection in the cloud
Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) Security Trust and Assurance Registry (STAR)
Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) Level 1 service provider compliance*
Cloud Uptime, Guaranteed
Cloud resiliency management systems are hosted on separate hardware than client systems.  Additionally, redundancy is applied to all devices, so services won't be impacted in the event of a failure. These and other safeguards help us ensure 99.999% uptime** as part of our Service Level Agreement.  
Simplified Pricing
Unlike other cloud solutions, which have complicated pricing structures that can total tens of thousands of dollars annually, our pricing model is simple and straightforward. One annual per-user price includes all fees and maintenance.  
View the 2017 Dresner Cloud BI Market Study
Information Builders Awarded High Ratings