Business Intelligence, Data Integrity, and Integration for Banking and Financial Services

Information Builders' Solution Portfolio for Financial Services

Who relies on software solutions from Information Builders to better analyze and manage their data?

Nine of the 10 largest banks in the U.S., the five largest banks in Canada, and 85 percent of the world's most important financial institutions – more than 350 active client accounts.

Take the Demo: Interactive eStatements

Interactive eStatements enable financial institutions to, for the first time, give their customers an interactive banking experience. And they are only available from Information Builders.

The Information Builders Solution Portfolio for Financial Services can be implemented as a point solution for one or more business functions, or as an integrated, single view of customers, products, and even the enterprise itself. Built on this platform, our industry-leading business intelligence (BI), integration, and data integrity software tools deliver five distinct solutions for any banking or financial services organization:

Industry leaders such as PNC Bank, RBC Financial Group, JP Morgan Chase, and Merrill Lynch have turned to Information Builders for help in delivering crucial business information to managers, employees, customers, and partners.

Development and Implementation

Information Builders' Professional Services organization includes banking and financial-services specialists to assist with your implementation.