Business Activity Monitoring

Propelling Business to the Next Level

Business activity monitoring (BAM) applies operational business intelligence and application integration technologies to automated processes to continually refine them based on feedback that comes directly from knowledge of operational events. In addition to auditing business processes (and business process management systems) and sending event-driven alerts that trigger process adjustments, BAM solutions also can be used to alert individuals to changes in the business that may require action. And BAM data points can provide aggregated insight to executives involved in strategic planning.

Companies and government agencies alike are already implementing BAM solutions, and continue to refine those solutions as they approach the joint goals of zero information latency and self-correcting processes. Businesses can use BAM solutions in a continuous, iterative effort to fine-tune operations ranging from claims processing to inventory replenishment. Government agencies can use them to identify and thwart money-laundering schemes and bioterrorist attacks. BAM solutions also can help organizations track and forecast everything from package deliveries to crime patterns for efficient resource allocation.

Pervasive BAM Capabilities

Through advanced integration, intelligent monitoring, and state-of-the-art reporting and alert technologies, Information Builders supplies all the capabilities people need to build high-powered BAM solutions. By proactively identifying problems and sending alerts accompanied by all relevant information to appropriate systems or individuals, BAM solutions built on Information Builders' technology can enable an organization to quickly address and resolve an issue before it reaches critical mass – or take advantage of an opportunity while it's still hot.

Information Builders BAM solutions can audit any business process in real time, providing feedback and associated data to people or systems in order to improve the process as it happens. Information about the business process can be propagated from any information source – real-time ERP transactions, warehoused data, business-to-business systems, and more – to line managers, executives, or automated business processes.

No vendor accesses and integrates as many transaction types and data sources as Information Builders. As a result, our customers' BAM solutions can capture end-to-end transaction and workflow data related to a single application and even across applications that span multiple business units throughout the enterprise. Those solutions integrate and summarize business details into the kinds of key metrics it takes to streamline business processes and help people make fully informed decisions.