Social Media Analytics

A sample WebFOCUS Social Media Analytics dashboard (competitive analysis).  Click to enlarge.

Social media analytics is a term used to describe the process of gathering and consolidating raw data from social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, and blogs - and even forums like customer support and user communities - and analyzing it to support planning and decision making. As more and more people around the world use social media sites to communicate with their friends and family members, social media analytics is playing a more important role in branding, customer acquisition and retention, and other sales and marketing strategies.

On sites like Facebook and Twitter, millions of online conversations take place each day. These conversations contain a wealth of information derived directly from existing and potential consumers - intelligence that only social media analytics can tap into. Users share good and bad experiences with certain companies, express opinions about the products they like and dislike, talk about their needs and wants, discuss the latest trends, and much more.  For companies with a solid social media analytics strategy and powerful supporting solutions in place, this "chatter" presents an opportunity to listen in, determine the potential business impact, and leverage that new knowledge to influence image, satisfaction, results, and more. With social media analytics, organizations can get to know their customers in ways never before possible. 

Information Builders offers robust social media analytics and integration solutions to help companies of all types and sizes to tap into the vital insight that resides on Facebook and Twitter, in blogs, and across other social media venues. Data can be collected directly from any social media source, then leveraged to positively influence campaign planning, customer loyalty programs, product development and enhancement, pricing, and other important sales, marketing, and customer support activities. Unlike expensive surveys and focus groups, which deliver information that is outdated and incomplete, Information Builders solutions empower organizations to exploit real-time intelligence by seeing exactly what people are saying about their company, their products and services, and their competitors.

Our social media solutions are part of our business analytics suite, and include:

  • Social media integration - Data such as comments and wall posts, as well as any other publicly-accessible text-based content, can be mined directly from social media sources and made available for reporting and analysis
  • Sentiment analytics - Users can quickly and accurately gather and interpret consumer sentiment by leveraging sophisticated algorithms to precisely gauge and score the emotional intensity within large volumes of written text, including Facebook status updates, Tweets, blog posts, and emails
  • Word analytics - An advanced algorithm allows stakeholders to easily detect the most popular words and phrases by breaking sentences into component parts, removing common words, and visually displaying the words that are the most meaningful and used most frequently