Self-Service BI

U.S. Bank's ScoreBoard app is a great example of self-service BI, offered directly to customers.

Self-service BI is a form of business intelligence in which end users are empowered to independently satisfy their own information needs. With self-service BI, non-technical professionals can generate their own reports, run their own queries, and conduct their own analyses, without the assistance of IT staff. There are many benefits that can be derived through the implementation of a self-service BI system. Functional workers can make faster, better decisions because they no longer have to wait during long reporting backlogs. At the same time, technical teams will be freed from the burden of satisfying end user report requests, so they can focus their efforts on more strategic IT initiatives.

In order for self-service BI environments to be effective, they must be extremely intuitive and user-friendly. The majority of today's business users simply don't have the skills or technical savvy to work with complex tools or sophisticated interfaces. A self-service BI application will only be embraced by its intended audience if it gives them a means of simply and easily accessing their own customized information, without extensive training.

Interested in Building your own self-service BI InfoApps and dashboards? Check out our free white paper:

Information Builders helps companies drive their strategies forward and bridge the gap between static reports and flexible, yet sophisticated, business intelligence tools with WebFOCUS InfoAssist, part of the WebFOCUS business intelligence platform. This single, powerful solution is designed specifically to help business users overcome the obstacles associated with traditional ad hoc reporting. They can gather insights, analyze trends, uncover opportunities and issues, and accelerate decision making by rapidly creating reports, charts, dashboards, and documents from any combination of enterprise information assets – in just a fraction of the time required by other ad hoc reporting tools.

InfoAssist can also be used to create and deploy InfoApps™, intuitive web and mobile BI apps that are purpose-built and highly interactive. InfoApps present an exciting new approach to self-service reporting and analysis, enabling anyone, anywhere, to get fast, relevant answers to their most pressing questions.

WebFOCUS also offers other solutions designed to enhance self-service information access and make it easier for business users to retrieve and analyze vital enterprise information.  Organizations can easily extend their solutions with WebFOCUS InfoDiscovery, a web-based self-service visual analytics tool that enables deep data discovery by presenting information in compelling visualizations like scatter plots or 3D bar and pie charts, and WebFOCUS RStat, an innovative and robust solution for predictive modeling and analytics that leverages historical data to accurately forecast future events and outcomes. Functionality for social media analytics and location analytics can also be easily incorporated into self-service reporting applications.