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Does your website make it easy for potential buyers to find details about your products and services? This paper details how customer-facing technologies help companies increase efficiency, reduce costs, boost customer loyalty, and even increase revenue. Information Builders has a strong history...

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Data has become so important that an increasing number of companies have added chief data officers (CDOs) to their executive teams specifically to oversee data and analytics programs. Among other things, the CDO is charged with successfully promoting the use of data to create a data-driven...

White paper

What does an organization really need to successfully manage its data quality?

In this white paper sponsored by Information Builders, David Loshin of Knowledge Integrity deconstructs ten popular myths about data quality management and offers practical alternatives that can help any...

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How well do you know your users? Your ability to satisfy the distinct needs of each type of user in your organization will directly impact your adoption rates.

This paper highlights five effective ways to promote widespread adoption of BI and analytics across your enterprise. You’ll learn...