iWay Business Service Provider

iWay Service Manager – an open-transport Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) – provides the world's most effective tools for creating and deploying web services, for three reasons:

  • It creates web services from business-level composite services as easily as it does from low-level applications and transactions
  • It automatically generates WS-I compliant WSDL for web services-based tools
  • Unlike some ESBs, BPEL-based BPM tools, and other integration software, iWay-based composite services don't require a web services interface to the transactions that make up their process

Business Services Publishing

iWay emphasizes business services because most transactions should not be published as web services. They're usually too low-level, and too specific to the underlying applications. Instead, application specialists should create a composite service – a coarse-grained service that contains only business-level data, without any application-specific data – and publish only this business service as a web service.

In other words, architects should avoid creating two web services – "create invoice in SAP" and "create invoice in mainframe application," for example – because the temptation to use the individual services is too strong. Instead, they should publish a single “create invoice” web service that creates the invoice in both SAP and the mainframe.

With a variety of built-in nodes for adapter invocation, transformation, synchronization, and more, the iWay Service Designer lets users create sophisticated composite services that can be exposed as web services. These services are managed in the same way as web services created for individual adapters:

  • iWay Service Manager hosts adapters, which expose low-level application services
  • iWay Application Explorer automatically exposes the service and generates the WSDL needed to call it
  • iWay Business Services Provider manages web services runtime requirements

A Hybrid Approach for Outstanding Performance

Since only business-level services should be published as web services, the stateless process that composes them can use application APIs directly instead of going through an additional web services layer. They can use standard interfaces such as the J2EE Connector Architecture™, or proprietary interfaces such as SAP's BAPIs, IDocs, and RFCs.

Since iWay Service Manager includes everything necessary to expose any application, data source, or B2B interaction, users can create composite web services without requiring the overhead of SOAP and HTTP throughout the process. The result is better performance and greater efficiency, with no loss of flexibility.

For More Information

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