WebFOCUS Developer Studio

Building Applications That Transform Data Into Intelligence – Fast

WebFOCUS Developer Studio – with its powerful tools based on the proven Windows environment – is the solution of choice for helping developers and knowledge workers quickly and easily build business intelligence (BI) applications.

Benefits include:

  • A short learning curve, which keeps cost of ownership low
  • Intuitive, integrated environment keeps the focus on solving business problems
  • Increased participation of people closest to the business
  • Rapid development for faster time to market
  • Interactive content delivered in any format, anytime, anywhere to anyone
  • Flexible customization and personalization
  • Efficient management and administration

Report Wizard speeds development of standard business forms, like invoices.

Developer Studio offers streamlined wizards to address every development challenge:

  • SQL Wizard leverages existing SQL applications anywhere in the enterprise, then adds WebFOCUS' unparalleled styling and data manipulation capabilities
  • Report Wizard binds corporate data with standard business report templates such as invoices, business letters, and mailing labels, to rapidly propel report development
  • Match Wizard merges data sources and extracts answer sets representing inner and outer joins, intersections, unions, and exclusions; Match Wizard's visual environment makes file-merging logic spontaneously clear and intuitive to users
  • Procedure Viewer streamlines development and maintenance of business logic; it lets developers instantaneously switch between physical, logical, and text-based views of any procedure's logic

Match Wizard derives answer sets across multiple files based on a graphical menu of choices.