WebFOCUS App Studio

A Powerful Development Environment for BI Apps

WebFOCUS App Studio is a robust BI application development platform. It eliminates the complex multi-tool paradigm that exists with most other BI development solutions, providing a single, fully-integrated environment for rapidly designing and creating any type of BI content.

Building on the industry-familiar Microsoft Office Ribbon Interface, WebFOCUS App Studio offers a simplified user experience and workflow, empowering developers to create application content immediately, without a costly and time-consuming learning curve. Additionally, it dramatically increases development efficiency by eliminating the need for developers to utilize multiple tools to piece together a BI application.



  • A single, fully integrated environment for BI app design and creation
  • A familiar, easy to use ribbon interface
  • A library of 120+ HTML5 chart types
  • Robust user administration and security
  • Support for complex requests

App Studio's development workflow allows developers to create BI content for any type information stakeholder, including internal and external users, partners and suppliers, and mobile users. For example, using responsive web design, there is no need to create separate “mobile ready” applications and other versions for desktop users, thus reducing development time and costs, as well as enhancing the user experience.

An intuitive, unified development environment enables fast, easy organization and creation of BI content.