WebFOCUS Enable for Adobe Flex

Rich internet applications (RIAs) are rapidly gaining prominence because they provide users with an engaging and highly-interactive experience that traditional desktop applications can't offer. Information Builders combines the power of reporting and analytics, with innovative technologies for the development of RIAs with WebFOCUS Enable for Adobe® Flex®.

WebFOCUS Enable is an application engine that mashes up the strengths of two robust development environments, WebFOCUS and Adobe® Flex®, to facilitate the rapid and cost-efficient creation of flashboards. These multi-dimensional, visual dashboards deliver not only vital business intelligence (BI) data, but use dynamic animation, interactions, and transition effects to highlight important information and guide users through the analytic process.

Applications developed with WebFOCUS Enable allows users to:

  • Integrate with all WebFOCUS data access reporting functions. One or more procedures can be used to develop robust, multi-level, multi-page applications
  • Directly access Managed Reporting secured domains and content
  • Implement common BI aggregation functions, so information is retrieved from the back-end system only once, but used and re-used many times
  • Provide flexible, fully-customized filtering combinations that allow users to manipulate data via a simple, OLAP-like panel
  • Create complex interactions between components, such as using one component to filter or populate another
  • Generate calculations, charts, and roll-up tables at run-time, as users are interacting with the data
  • Use advanced APIs to rapidly create even the most sophisticated applications and custom functions, or embed BI into other applications.

WebFOCUS Enable delivers full backward and forward compatibility, working seamlessly with any existing or future version of WebFOCUS.