WebFOCUS Web Services

Does your enterprise require dynamic public information such as stock quotes, weather reports, or even driving directions?

The WebFOCUS operational business intelligence suite is the only solution that can create, consume, and publish Web Services, making it an integral part of a service-oriented architecture. WebFOCUS maximizes integration points for business intelligence (BI) systems, while providing the performance and flexibility required to incorporate information from multiple Web Services and enterprise data sources and deliver real-time reports to anyone in the extended enterprise. It also ensures that information published as a Web Service is comprehensive, accurate, and satisfies the information latency requirements of the business application consuming the data.

WebFOCUS' Web Services can be used to:

  • Combine data from internal and external sources to create a unified, insightful report
  • Make data from disparate internal systems available, reducing programming redundancies and integrating systems more efficiently
  • Drill down from one internal or external source to any other to more easily navigate and research

Producing WebFOCUS Web Services

WebFOCUS exposes reports, distribution, and administration as Web Services, allowing external applications built with Web Services-supported languages (such as VB.NET, C#, and Java) to consume them via standard Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP). Through Web Services, powerful WebFOCUS functionality can now be seamlessly integrated into applications programmed by general-purpose languages – enabling data manipulation, analysis, and reporting.

WebFOCUS' data access and integration capabilities are unparalleled in the BI market – providing comprehensive, native access to more than 300 data sources, including relational, legacy, multidimensional, ERP, and CRM. Via Web Services, WebFOCUS can incorporate information from internal and external custom applications, in addition to those data sources it can natively access, for comprehensive enterprise business intelligence reporting. WebFOCUS reports can incorporate information from any enterprise system and then be published as a Web Service.

Consuming WebFOCUS Web Services

The WebFOCUS Web Services adapter enables Web Services to be created and deployed using any authoring tool to be directly consumed by the WebFOCUS Report Server and manipulated as though it were relational data. Once defined, WebFOCUS enables metadata describing the Web Service to be automatically created, catalogued, and made directly accessible for reporting or analytical purposes. WebFOCUS can then integrate both internal and external data sources to create combined reports.

The same Web Service may be manipulated in conjunction with the 300 other RDBMSs, DBMSs, and legacy file systems accessible through the WebFOCUS enterprise adapter architecture. WebFOCUS can also read a Web Service as a data source when creating a data warehouse or mart using DataMigrator. Enterprises can conduct ad hoc reporting against these Web Services, and create robust reports from the data using nothing more than a Web browser. WebFOCUS' Web Service adapter allows enterprises to quickly and efficiently satisfy critical information requirements.