WebFOCUS BI Portal

The WebFOCUS BI Portal is an analytical content management and deployment system that enables organizations to manage and deploy a wide range of governed analytical content to many types of users, whether inside or outside the firewall. 

The BI Portal provides a flexible environment for users to access BI content, including dashboards, visualizations, reports, charts, graphs, maps, and interactive InfoApps. The BI Portal allows users to access and analyze vital information quickly, link content and reports together, and easily tailor what they see. 

Customize the WebFOCUS BI Portal to see exactly what you want, and how you want it.

The WebFOCUS Business Intelligence (BI) Portal offers a full suite of web development tools, similar to those used to create these popular consumer applications. It combines the best of web development with unmatched user customization capabilities, delivering a rich, interactive BI experience to any user, anywhere. Completely redesigned from the ground up, the WebFOCUS BI Portal is easy to use and enables end users to tailor their portals to make them relevant to their needs. As a result, end users, customers, partners, and suppliers are empowered to do more themselves, enabling access to information and better decision-making.

A Personalized Experience For Your Users

The WebFOCUS BI Portal provides a true self-service environment that optimizes BI consumption for business users, giving them full control over what they see; how information is styled, displayed, and arranged; and how they navigate through content. The portal also provides unparalleled styling flexibility, allowing for full customization by each user. This allows for unique tailoring to suit the professional branding needs of the enterprise, and is particularly important in environments where more than one look and feel is required.

The WebFOCUS BI Portal is the gateway into your WebFOCUS BI deployments. Users can view public dashboards, or sign in to access any content made available only to them, including reports, dashboards, interactive InfoApps for guided self-service. Users can also customize their portal to see exactly what they want, how they want.

Key Features

Simple, self-service access to BI information, both corporate and user-created, significantly minimizes reliance on IT for dashboard creation and maintenance:

  • Simple, self- service access to BI information, both corporate and user-created, significantly minimizes reliance on IT for dashboard creation and maintenance
  • Rapid creation of comprehensive BI portals – unmatched in aesthetics, interactivity, and usability – eliminates expensive or time-consuming custom coding
  • A familiar and intuitive ribbon-based interface simplifies and accelerates portal design
  • Dynamic styling eliminates the need for expensive designers and long design cycles, allowing report developers to quickly build and deploy visually compelling, fully stylized reports that can be automatically applied for each portal and page
  • Easy portal versioning and customization for departments, partners, suppliers, and customers drives higher levels of adoption, while containing development costs and allowing for the expansion of BI using existing IT resources
  • A consistent, visually appealing look and feel – regardless of screen size – is ensured through optimization of portal real estate for every device form factor, while the introduction of various display containers enables the presentation of more reports within less screen space
  • Page-level security reduces the number of portals to be managed by allowing pages to be hidden from unauthorized groups/users, and dramatically simplifies daily upkeep in SaaS environments
  • A new coordinated portal engine allows BI content to be mashed up in an ad hoc fashion, with individual components linked via global variables for joint interaction and filtering, so end users can gain insights for multiple sources, and update content or replace components in complex apps on the fly without IT intervention