Portable Analytics

WebFOCUS Active Technology: Device Independent, Device Exploitive

WebFOCUS Active Technology dashboards and reports provide robust business intelligence (BI) and business analytics (BA) for any computer or mobile device running a web browser – including laptops, Apple iPads and iPhones, Android-based smartphones and tablets, and BlackBerry devices. With Active Technologies, companies can deliver device independent – yet device exploitive – content. Organizations can create a single web application that leverages the web browser's inherent capabilities to dynamically take advantage of its native look and feel (including gesturing on touch screen devices).

Active Technologies delivers analytic dashboards to any device without the need for specialized software.

Active Technology dashboards and reports consist of data and an embedded analytic engine that provides interactive capabilities bound together in a single file. They are easily distributed to large numbers of users who can then perform common analytic functions, such as sorting, filtering, calculating, and charting. There’s no need for access to specific personal computers, proprietary applications, or networks. The unsurpassed, easy-to-use interface requires no training, no SDKs and no plug-ins. What’s more, significant network cost savings are achieved when users work in disconnected mode.

Report consumers can manipulate the contents into diverse permutations on their own and forward these reports to other users without any network or device constraints. In addition, Active Technology dashboards and reports delivered as self-contained Adobe Flash files or as Adobe Flash content embedded in Adobe PDFs become user-friendly applications that are engaging and fully interactive.

Features and Benefits

WebFOCUS Active Technology reports can:

  • Minimize the backlog of report requests in the IT queue by delivering a single report that can be transformed again and again, without repeated connections to the data
  • Simplify distribution of sophisticated reports, using the same delivery vehicle for users inside and outside the enterprise
  • Give field workers access to information at the exact moment they need it on their mobile device
  • Reduce network costs by enabling users to work in disconnected mode
  • Solve the dilemma of how to provide enterprise data to outside users
  • Eliminate dependence on third-party software that may not be available to users outside the enterprise
  • Offer an intuitive user interface, enabling data analysis for report consumers not highly skilled with spreadsheets