WebFOCUS Mobile Faves

WebFOCUS Mobile Faves gives users the ability to deploy specific BI content, such as reports and dashboards, to mobile devices. Users can instantly access this content from any smartphone or tablet PC – regardless of platform or browser. WebFOCUS Mobile integrates seamlessly with the WebFOCUS BI portal for curation and distribution of content.

Deploy the right content to the right person at the right time with WebFOCUS Mobile Faves

Great User Experience, Faster Time to Value

Mobile Faves is a native application, or “helper app,” that interacts with WebFOCUS BI Portal to manage and view content on iOS and Android mobile devices. This hybrid approach to mobility eliminates complexity and cost associated with custom mobile application development.

Mobile Faves imbues web apps with an enhanced user experience, including an e-mail-like tap navigation and optional cover-flow interface. Users gain a natural and native interface to the same BI content available in a device browser, but with the device-specific navigation paradigms and gestures they are already comfortable and familiar with.

For a truly interactive and device-exploitive experience, the native Mobile Faves app enables web apps to access to major device functions, such as location services, contact information, cameras,bar-code readers, and photo libraries. This greatly expands the reach and device interactivity of web apps,
without the need for BI developers to create specific native apps for each device.

WebFOCUS Mobile Faves provides an easy and intuitive way for users to:

  • Save, annotate, and catalog BI documents locally for offline analytic operations
  • Subscribe to documents and have them “pushed" to their devices automatically, on a scheduled basis or when specific events or conditions occur
  • Open and catalog BI documents received as e-mail attachments
  • Easily find and retrieve BI documents by name through an intuitive search facility that uses keywords and phrases
  • Instantly share BI content with other users, regardless of the mobile device, browser, or platform they are using

The Mobile Faves app can also be completely branded with a business’s artwork and iconography. This allows a business to quickly deliver branded mobile apps, either within their enterprise or even in public app stores, with absolutely no native coding. Mobile Faves is supported on iOs and Android devices.

Download the Mobile Faves App

You can get the Mobile Faves App for iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad devices at the iTunes App Store, or for Android devices, visit the Google Play Store.