Metadata – Data About Data

Enterprises need a logical, common view of all data assets to ensure that everyone gets a single version of the truth. Metadata – critical to providing this 360-degree view – enables organizations to apply transformations, reuse objects, and understand how changes impact the physical layer of the business intelligence system.

All Information Builders business intelligence; extract, transform, and load (ETL); and enterprise integration initiative (EII) products share metadata. And, since it is portable across all computing platforms, WebFOCUS' common toolset can be used to manage and customize all enterprise metadata to satisfy business users' complex requirements.

WebFOCUS Metadata Solutions and Benefits

Other Features and Benefits

  • Multi-dimensional cube view to support SAP BW, Hyperion Essbase, and other MDDBs
  • Data lineage to understand the history of transformations applied to any column or field
  • Embed security all the way down to the field value level
  • The ability to leverage metadata from other vendors, such as Ascential, Informatica, and Teradata MDS
A Single, Consistent View of Business Data

WebFOCUS’ approach to metadata simplifies development, maintenance, and support while improving performance of the overall business intelligence system. WebFOCUS metadata acts as a buffer between users and data sources, allowing people to work with data in business terms, easily manipulating it for reporting, analysis, ETL, or enterprise integration.